В этом видео вы видите, как Teknomar 007
получает профиль лодки.
The hull looks like a raptor shark, it's easy to explain: the dead rise in the bow is 48 degrees, midship 28 degrees and stern 22 degrees. Hard chine sticking out from the side for 140 mm. on the midship, this compensate a lot v-shape of the hull and adds a lot of stability during a navigation. The thickness of the bottom is 5 mm, side 4 mm., on request we can build fully from 5 mm. This boat will provide you a smooth navigation in the rough sea, I promise, if you become our customer, you will enjoy a lot to sail Teknomar 007! At the next stage we will weld two redans on each side, and then we turn over the hull on keel and will start to work with superstructure.
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