Новое видео о ходе строительства кабины моторного катера ТЕКНОМАР 777
Today I'll show you a new video about building progress of power boat TEKNOMAR 777 cabin. We see today first of all a glass. Glasses installed in the superstructure. For me it looks great! Then, it's a permanent fender, which is very strong, made from rubber, it is used on professional boats. It looks little bit towards military style, but we think it's perfectly fit to our TEKNOMAR boat concept. You see the valve from Webasto, fume exhaust, now it's warm inside. There is a bow thruster.

Deck and mooring equipment is on place: cleats, anchor, trailer ring. And of course navigation light also installed, it has protection outside, it it useful when you pass a gateway. Ok, and then I'll show you what we have in the cockpit.

Fuel neck, stern cleat, another one. You see the door, starboard cockpit light, port side cockpit light and additional handrails from stainless steel. A bench with locker inside. Shore power socket. Again the door, and what we have inside the cabin, we will show you in the next video.
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