Кусочки пеноплекса внутри конструкции ребер лодки ТЕКНОМАР 777 Кабина.
Hello dear friends! In this video you see how we insert pieces of penoplex inside the stiffener structure of the boat TEKNOMAR 777 Cabin. This will be a warm and sound isolation and also this will add flotation. 2 cubic meters of penoplex went inside the walls of the hull, as well is in the superstructure. Now, even if the water came inside the boat, it will not sink anyway.

In the pilot console we have done all port's for engine control instruments and for navigation equipment. In passenger console you can see a port for locker, where you can store your gloves, cigarettes or other small things.

Electricians continue to do wiring. Big lockers and access hatches in the cockpit is on place. Neck of the water tank is also installed.
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