Корпус 777 готов к внутренней достройке
No cross welds on 8 meters side of the boat
Strictly proportional geometry of the stern
Ideal welds which are comply to DNV-GL
The box for batteries and on top above will be bench
Pilot console. We did it as wide as possible, all navigation tools and engine items will fit on it. On the port side next to the passenger seat we'll make the same console with a locker, where you can put paper maps or small things as gloves, cigarets etc.
Red pipe for wiring and gray pipe for hydraulic
Window from the toilet will cover by blind
A Toilet with porthole
The bulwark, is wide enough to walk around safely.
Of course on the roof you'll have additional rails that will help to hold
Forceful structure of the roof
The hull inside before interior outfitting
The inside wall's in the cockpit.
We think about additional lockers or storage for fenders.
The roof looks perfect from every point
The hull is awesome, I can't wait until it's hit the water!
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